New high-voltage relay for solar inverters, charging stations, elevator systems and other applications up to 35A / 277V AC. The HE-S relay is designed to meet the combined requirements of different markets in one switching solution.


The printed HES relay is able to handle loads up to 35A / 277V AC in ambient temperatures up to 85°C. Panasonic managed successfully to integrate two switching contacts (2 Form A) into extremely small dimensions of 36 x 30 x 40mm. Additionally a unique highlight can be implemented: a feedback (auxiliary) contact in order to indicate welding of the main contacts, according to the norm IEC 60947-4-1.


A galvanic separation of min. 3mm along with a creepage/clearance distance of min. 5,5mm guarantees high insulation resistance, high dielectric strength and protection against surge voltages. This fact combined with rapid opening of the contacts makes it possible to handle reliably high DC loads up to 30A and up to 100V.


Using the Panasonic HE-S relay allows the customer to utilize the switching of high power load on the PCB. I helps also with the saving from other electrically controlled switches and the associated expenses. In most of the cases the control cabinet is no more necessary. The advantage is in this case is obvious: no wiring, reduced installation expenses, small size, reduced thermal loses, flexibility and one single working point: the Printed Circuit Board.


Features and Benefits

  • 2 Form A contacts
  • Optionally available with monitoring contact 2a1b
  • High switching capacity: 35A / 277V AC
  • Compact size: 36 x 30 x 40mm
  • Low holding power of just 170mW
  • 3mm contact gap for reliable isolation
  • Handles high DC loads
  • Simplified current path guiding on the circuit board
  • Optimized price/performance ratio



  • Electrical charging station /charging cable
  • UPS/ Battery charger
  • Elevator/ Escalator
  • Photovoltaic
  • Drives
  • Water heating applications