Pack more power into smaller spaces with ELCON Mini power interconnects that feature a small, 8mm height form-factor and support higher current than similar sized solutions (up to 40 Amps per contact, 400 Volts AC or DC). 

These interconnects provide confidence in system performance with their low resistance, highly reliable interface. Features include positive metal latch retention, optional coding contacts for sense/detect functionality, enhanced grounding, and use of industry-proven crimp contacts.
TE offer a broad, versatile portfolio with our ELCON Mini power interconnects including press fit attach options and original solder tail parts, multiple position sizes, right-angle or vertical mount, as well as sequenced and touch-proof contacts.

TE's ELCON Mini power cable assemblies are offered in standard or high-flex designs for easier routability, metal latch or plastic pull-tab types, and are highly customizable to better fit tight design requirements.