TE’s HCM high-current series together with IP68 hoods / housings can easily satisfy the high current requirements in harsh environments. The HCM series has a maximum current of up to 350 A, the contact position is selectable from 1 to 4, and the IP68 housing can provide a stable and reliable environmental protection (Salt-spraying time of up to 500 hours is provided). This solution can easily meet customer’s high current needs in harsh environment.

Key Benefits
  • Achieve longer service life due to reliable aluminum alloy housing with durable structure
  • Providing reliable connection in harsh outdoor environment with IP68 protection degree
  • IP68 EMC series housing with salt spraying resistance of up to 500 hours for reliable connection in harsh environments
  • Provide abundant connection solutions to satisfy different kinds of customer requirements
  • Following the EU-guidelines as the product is RoHS compliant