High voltage accessories in hybrid and electric industrial and commercial vehicles play an important role. Whether it’s HVAC, heater, hydraulic pumps, or electronic power steering, they may not be providing motive power, but they certainly are ensuring that the vehicle runs properly, safely, and reliably while providing a degree of comfort to the end-user. This means that however you design these subsystems, they must also run safely and reliably for a long time regardless of operating conditions. Dust, sand, moisture, vibrations – the product must stand up to it, and so must whatever is used to connect these accessories.


Our HVA HD400 high voltage accessories connector is the connectivity system you need. Compact and adaptable, the design allows for either 2 or 3 conductors in the same interface, handling 2.5, 4 and 6 mm² LV216 conductor cross-sections single-core cabling (multi-core and ISO cabling on the way). Capable of handling up to 1000 VDC, and 60 A (at 80°C). With an operating temperature of -40°C  to 140°C, dust and water ingress protection rating of IP68 and IP6K9K, contact position assurance (CPA), as well as ability to withstand transmission-level vibrations, the HVA HD400 connector can perform reliably in the most extreme of environments. This means that regardless of where in the vehicle the high voltage accessory is, you can deploy the HVA HD400 connector.