Key Industries

  • Agricultural
  • Machines
  • Construction and Mining Equipment
  • Special Vehicles Recreational
  • Vehicles
  • Truck Bus


Key Benefits

  • Allow flexible cable exits and movements and protect against damage during insertion or removal of the terminal with Snap-in HCR (High consistency rubber) seals
  • Prevent mismating of connectors and simplify the assembly with housings available in various color codes
  • Offer greater flexibility and improved tear resistance with advanced sealing materials
  • Provide high sealing requirements for harsh environments and prevent electrical failures in critical wiring applications
  • Protect the rear seal against water ingress with integrated rear covers on the DT-XT housings
  • Ensure secure mating and unmating of connectors with strong interlock formed by covalent bonding between the thermoplastic plug housing and the Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) seal