Easy to install
3 configurations in 1 product:
Single pole splitter: split of power main input into several outputs
Multiple poles splitter: interlocking function and ready to use
marking kit (L1, L2, L3, N, PE, +, - ) delivered with each block
Grouping: of several inputs into 1 output (solar application).
Flexible cover facilitates identification & wiring:
- Reversible, two directions opening, snap-on
- All wiring data’s and specifications visible on top.

Space saving
Panel space saving:
Save up to 50 % rail space compare to conventional distribution
bars thanks to our modular compact design
1 500 V DC:
Voltage rating adapted to most recent solar inverters requirements.

Increased productivity
Reduced wiring, inventories, hardware and assembly costs:
- Reduce assembly time by 80 % compared to conventional
- Our modular and touch proof concept eliminates the needs
for bus bars, isolators, fasteners, protection screens…
- Accept aluminum & copper conductors
- 1 product in stock for 3 possible configurations.