Three Phase Motor Reversing SSR3 Series

• Provides a compact, space saving solution in the panel

• Removes the wiring complexities within a panel

SDE Crimp miHDC HMN EMC Module Insert

SDE CRIMP COMMERCIAL TOOLING PLATFORM • SDE die sets complete the tool’s versatility by incorporating a standard locator or flip locator for terminal placement and wire brush control (Only available on select models) • The rounded upper jaw design is engineered for increased strength and even distribution of force


HDCTE Connectivity's EMC Shielding Modular Insert is designed to provide EMC protection solutions in modular systems. The existing solution needs two connectors, to transition power and signal separately, with new HMN shielding modular insert, which enables the customer to combine signal and power in one modular system. This is also beneficial for our customer helping to save space, reduce the cost and avoid additional power noise.nimizes the need for multiple types of hand tools thanks to its Standard Die Envelope (SDE) die sets, which are easily interchangeable from manual to power-assisted tools depending on your needs. An enhanced tool frame also delivers greater operator comfort, efficiency, and crimping quality. Available as a fully assembled tool, or with the frame (PN 2362810-1) and die set sold separately, SDE Crimp brings a new level of flexibility and performance to your crimping.