The RPMH-1.5 series is a wide input voltage, 1.5A non-isolated switching regulator power module.
The module accepts up to 60VDC input and provides a trimmable output from 2.6 up to 28VDC and comes complete with a full set of features including adjustable output, on/ off control, and power good signals. The ultra-compact module has a profile of only 3.75mm, but with an efficiency of up to 97%, the device can operate at full load in ambient temperatures as high as +100°C and with power derating up to 105°C without forced air cooling. The package is complete with 6-sided shielding for optimal EMC performance and excellent heat management.


  • Wide Vin 5 to 60VDC
  • High power density (LxWxH = 12.19x12.19x3.75) 
  • Wide operating temperature -40°C to 100°C at full load 
  • Efficiency up to 97%, no need for heatsinks 
  • 6-sided shielding 
  • Thermally and EMI enhanced 25 pad LGA package 
  • Low profile