• 150W industrial grade isolated DC/DC
  • Compact, industry standard 1/8th brick format
  • 6:1 wide input voltage range (9-60 VDC)
  • 3kVDC Isolation • Efficiency up to 92%
  • UL62368-1, and IEC/EN62368-1 certified
  • Meets EN50155, EN45545-2 and EN50121-3-2 3 1


The RPA150E-xxEW is a compact, eighth brick encapsulated DC/DC converter which delivers up to 150W. Its wide input voltage range makes it flexible to install on 12, 24, and 48V rails, and it is especially suitable for 12V, 24V or 48V battery supplies. The tightly-regulated, fully-protected output voltage options are 12V, 24V or 48V - all trimmable over a +/-20% range meaning that the 24V output can also supply 28V for avionic systems, and the 48V can also deliver 57V for PoE applications. Exceptional efficiency of the product translates to very low generated heat, which enables full power operation up to +85°C with only minimal airflow.