Printed circuit mount - 5.2 mm contact gap
50 A Power relay for photovoltaic inverters

• 2 and 3 pole versions (NO double break
• Contact gap ≥ 5.2 mm (according to VDE 0126-1-1,
EN 62109-1, EN 62109-2)
• Suitable for inverters with DC input up to
1500 V and AC output up to 690 V, installations
up to 4000 m above sea level
• DC coils, with only 170 mW holding power
• Reinforced insulation between coil and contacts
• 1.5 mm gap between PCB and relay base
• Suitable for use at ambient temperatures up to
85 °C (with energy-saving coil energization) or
60 °C (with standard coil energization)
• Meets the EN 60335-1 requirements of
resistance to heat and fire (GWIT 775 °C and
GWFI 850 °C)
• Cadmium free contact materials:
-- AgNi version (for applications where lower
contact resistance is needed)
-- AgSnO2 version (for applications where
higher inrush current values are expected)