Silicon Motion offers a family of Solid State Drive (SSD) controllers that target personal computing, consumer electronics, industrial computing, and other applications.  End products utilizing our SSD controllers include: embedded systems, notebook PCs, Ultrabooks, tablets, and servers. 

Our SSD controllers support MLC, TLC and SLC NAND flash from all the major NAND suppliers. Silicon Motion also offers Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128/256) secure SSD controllers that are Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Opal full-drive encryption compliant.

Silicon Motion Leverages the industry leading technologies and experiences in NAND flash memory controller along with Multi-Chip Package (MCP) solution to introduce Ferri solutions (single-package storage solutions), including FerriSSD® and Ferri-eMMC™.

FerriSSD®, the fully integrated SATA/PATA Solid State Drive(SSD) in a single BGA package, is designed optimally for a wide range of embedded applications that behaves like a SATA/PATA hard drive featuring fast access time and enhanced endurance.